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Configuración de Zero-Handoff Roaming en Unifi Ubiquiti

Encontré un tutorial que se enfoca en la configuración del Zero-Handoff Roaming; traducido, es la configuración que se encarga de enlazar varios unifi para funcionar como Roaming. Osease, el cliente pasa entre los diferentes unifi y siempre va a estar conectado independientemente del AP donde se encuentre.


Configuring UniFi Zero-Handoff Roaming - UniFi Controller 3.1.6-Beta

In this blog we will cover the basics of configuring UniFi Zero-Handoff Roaming. We will be using two UAP-Pro Access Points. 

- Zero-Handoff is available from UniFi Controller version 3.x and above. 
- Zero-Handoff Roaming currently works with all UniFi AP models as of writing except for the UAP-AC Access Points. 
- Zero-Handoff is configured by creating a separate WLAN group in the controller and enabling the Zero-Handoff feature for this group.
- All UniFi AP's using Zero-Handoff will be set to the same channel / frequency (configured when enabling Zero-Handoff).
- Zero-Handoff Roaming requires WPA (Personal or Enterprise) Encryption.

- Ensure you are running UniFi Controller version 3.1.6 (or at least 3.x).
- Ensure your Access Points are connected and have been upgraded to the same version firmware as the controller.
- This scenario assumes that you have already performed a site survey with suitable cell overlap (Access Point placement, Tx Power adjustment and Minimum RSSI value can help with this - See more on Site Survey Planning and Deployment).  

Step 1:
Navigate to Settings Wireless Networks and Add a new WLAN Group by clicking next to the default WLAN Group.

Step 2:
Configure the new WLAN Group.
Name: Zero-Handoff (WLAN Group Name)
Roaming: Enable Zero-Handoff
Radio: 2G (802.11n/g) 
Channel: (Select a suitable wireless channel)
Select Ok.

Step 3:
Click Create under the newly created WLAN Group to add a new SSID for Zero-Handoff Roaming.
Name / SSID: Zero-Handoff (Wireless Network Name)
Security Key: 0Handoff (Wireless Security Key)
Click Create.

Step 4 (Optional):
Create an SSID for the default WLAN Group (which does not use Zero-Handoff by default) by selecting the WLAN Groupdefault and then selecting Create to Create a New Wireless Network. This will be the non Zero-Handoff Wireless Network that applies to any radio's on Access Points not configured in the next step and in this scenario will include the 5GHz radio's on the UAP-Pro AP's we are using.
Name / SSID: No-Handoff
Security Key: N0Handoff
Click Create.

Step 5:
We are now ready to tell the radio's on each Access Point which WLAN Group to use.
On each Access Point that you whish to use Zero-Handoff Roaming - Click the Settings icon of the AP and Navigate toConfiguration WLANS and change the WLANS 2G WLAN Group to our Zero-Handoff Group. For the UAP-Pro AP's 5GHz radio's and all other 2.4GHz UniFi AP's you do not wish to implement Zero-Handoff, leave the these radio's WLAN Groups to the default WLAN Group.


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